Medical Office Real Estate is a Niche Market

Medical Office Real Estate blog image - a beautiful new brick medical office building.

For a brand new medical practice just starting out, or an established practice looking to expand, finding the right location is paramount. And there are plenty of options. In fact, there are four primary types of Medical Office Real Estate. Retail space offers visibility and ample parking, but can be on the more expensive side.…

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How to Navigate Medical Office Sales

Medical Office Sales Blog Image: A close up of a stethoscope sitting on a wooden desk. There is an Apple computer in the background.

Medical real estate is a niche market. So, navigating medical office sales can be difficult if you don’t fully understand healthcare commercial real estate. But that’s why you’re here. You want to know the steps you need to take to find the perfect property and negotiate a deal that makes sense for your practice. So,…

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Understanding Healthcare Commercial Real Estate

Healthcare Commercial Real Estate Blog Image: An empty, clean hospital hallway.

Healthcare commercial real estate is a niche market with complex regulations. However, purchasing medical realty remains an excellent option for real estate investors. “The medical office investment thesis is strong and sound,” according to the Washington Business Journal, “long-term leases, stable occupancy and income, strong tenant credit quality and tenant retention to keep investor eyes…

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Why You Need a Broker Specializing in Medical Realty

A prime example of medical realty. This doctor's office is modern and pristine, with white walls and light brown cabinets. There is a light brown desk with a computer and three small black desk chairs.

Medical realty is a niche market, often more complex than standard commercial real estate. And regulations can dictate everything from parking ratios to floor plans. There are even differences between the varied medical specialties within the healthcare industry: medical, pharmacy, dental, physical therapy, chiropractor, optometry, veterinarian, radiology, lab, etc. So, it can be incredibly beneficial…

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Finding the Right Medical Real Estate in Maryland

An example of Medical Real Estate, a picture of a waiting room with red cushions, a large white planter box with two green leafy plants, two tables with magazines in the corner, and clean white walls.

Whether you have a new practice looking to lease or buy space or have an established practice looking to expand, finding the right medical real estate can be tough. How do you find the right property? And when you do, how do you negotiate a fair price? Should you buy or lease your medical space? Where do you even begin?

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