How to Advertise Commercial Property for Sale

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When you have a commercial property on the market, it pays to be proactive. That means actively advertising your property to maximize your return on investment (ROI). After all, what good is it having a great property if no one knows about it? But where do you even begin? Time and time again, what our clients want to know is how to advertise commercial property for sale. Do you need professional photography? Should you work with a commercial real estate broker? We will address these questions and more throughout this article. 

How to Advertise Commercial Property for Sale

When it comes to getting the word out about your commercial space, advertising is the name of the game. 

Start with Professional Photography & Video

“Investing in high-quality photography and videography” is a must, says Aly J. Yale, Millionacres, especially in the midst of COVID-19. The right photos or video can be the difference between someone scheduling a tour or skipping over your advertising altogether. And with today’s technology, you can be more creative than ever before. You can utilize aerial drone footage to showcase your property’s exterior and the surrounding area. Plus, it looks pretty cool. Another popular option is creating a 3D virtual tour of the property. This is especially helpful for potential buyers who may not be able to physically tour the property.

Where to Advertise Your Property

There are a lot of options when trying to determine where to advertise your commercial property. So, what makes the most sense for you? “These are all solid strategies, but the best one for your property depends on what category it falls into, as well as the clients it serves,” explains Yale. “After all, successful marketing is largely about catering to your target audience – reaching them at the right time, at the right place, with just the right messaging.”

  • The first place many real estate experts head to is Google. Display ads, search ads, and more allow you to get the word out about your commercial property to a highly-targeted audience.
  • Print Advertising may not be as popular as it once was, but it can still be a valuable tool to help you sell your commercial property quickly and for top dollar. Different print platforms have very targeted audiences (newspapers, magazines, trade publications, and business journals). So, if you know your target demographic, you can be incredibly strategic when choosing where to advertise. Many of these platforms also offer packages that include digital advertising on their websites, apps, or social media.
  • Don’t forget about Signage either. “Investing in quality signage outside your building or at key crossroads near it” can draw attention to your property and help it sell faster, explains Yale.
  • In today’s world, Social Media plays a pretty big role in just about everything we do. This includes commercial real estate. Sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube allow you to easily get the word out about your property. And the paid advertising options on these platforms allow for hyper-targeting based on demographic data such as location, age, and industry.
  • With the increased popularity of Internet Radio and Podcasts, radio advertising is making a comeback. This is especially true when you think about how targeted you can be advertising on certain shows that are popular with key demographics.
  • Don’t forget about good old Networking. And we’re not talking about a computer network, but actually getting out to events and talking to people in your target demographic. “Networking events with local business leaders and executives (many of these may be virtual right now due to the pandemic)” can be very beneficial, says Yale.
  • Finally, Listing Sites play an important role in any advertising strategy. It is a must. This can be a powerful tool in attracting the right prospects, and is often the first stop for commercial brokers looking for properties.

It is important to remember the “rule of 7,” which states that a prospect must see or hear something seven times before they make a purchase. So, your strategy will ultimately incorporate some combination of the above advertising avenues, depending on your timeline, audience, and budget. Still, determining which platforms make the most sense can be difficult. However, working with an experienced commercial real estate broker can help.

Work with a Commercial Landlord Rep

“When marketing your property, you don’t have to go it alone,” says Yale. “Consider enlisting a commercial real estate broker experienced in your property type.” It is your broker’s job to market your commercial property and attract the high-quality buyers you need. Experienced brokers know how to successfully advertise properties like yours across multiple platforms, and have access to reputable listing sites that will ensure maximum visibility and increase demand. Your broker will also help negotiate terms that are favorable for you to ensure your property sells at or above the current market to maximize your profit.

“A commercial real estate broker might also bring new marketing techniques to the table — ones proven to work specifically in your market or niche,” says Yale.

Still Wondering How to Advertise Commercial Property for Sale?

When you have a commercial property to sell, you need United Development Realty in your corner. We provide commercial landlord representation services throughout Maryland. Let us help you develop an in-depth understanding of your assets, develop comprehensive advertising, and enhance the investment value of your property. Our services include:

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Evaluate PropertyElectronic Marketing DesignEmail Campaigns
Prepare a Strategic Course of ActionPaper Brochure DesignDirect Mail
Inform The Brokerage CommunityDesign and Install SignageNegotiation Strategy
Timeline ManagementSchedule Property ShowingsAnd More!

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