With Lease Expiration Looming, What Are My Options?

Lease Expiration Image. A meeting taking place in the distance at a large conference table. In the foreground, there is a green, decorative photo sitting on a table.

There comes a time in many business owner’s lives when they have a very important decision to make. That time typically coincides with lease expiration. Do you renew your lease or do you pack up your business and relocate? It’s an incredibly tough decision with pros and cons on both sides. Why Lease Renewal Makes…

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How to Navigate Commercial Real Estate Properties in Maryland

An interior shot of typical commercial real estate properties for tech start ups. It's a large, open floor plan with brick walls and filled with numerous white tables.

Navigating commercial real estate properties in Maryland can be a nightmare if you don’t know what you’re doing. But finding the right space is critical for the success of your business or real estate investment. You need the right property at the right price, but where do you even start? Commercial Real Estate Properties Checklist…

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Tips for Negotiating Your Office Lease

Close up of a man wearing a long sleeve blue shirt signing his office lease using a black pen..

Whether you are looking to lease new office space or your current lease is set to expire, negotiating favorable terms is a must. Just as landlords want to make the most out of their commercial real estate investment, meaning hefty rental rates, it is in your best interest to negotiate a price point that makes…

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