Benefits of a Commercial Broker in Maryland

Charles Peacock, United Development Realty Founder and CEO with a suit, a smirk, and his arms folded. Charles is a Commercial Broker in Maryland

There are numerous benefits to hiring a commercial broker, whether you are on the tenant side or the landlord side. So, let’s take a look at some of the biggest reasons you can’t afford to go it alone. Benefits of a Commercial Landlord Broker When you have vacancies to fill or a commercial property to…

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Finding An Experienced Commercial Tenant Broker in Maryland

Commercial Tenant Broker Blog Image: Male and female Caucasian hands, both holding pens, pointing at a document.

Whether you’ve got an up-and-coming tech startup, the next hot restaurant, or an established business or medical practice that’s looking to expand, you can benefit from working with a commercial tenant broker. There are plenty of commercial properties on the market throughout Maryland, but finding the right property and negotiating a fair price is often…

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How to Navigate Commercial Real Estate Properties in Maryland

An interior shot of typical commercial real estate properties for tech start ups. It's a large, open floor plan with brick walls and filled with numerous white tables.

Navigating commercial real estate properties in Maryland can be a nightmare if you don’t know what you’re doing. But finding the right space is critical for the success of your business or real estate investment. You need the right property at the right price, but where do you even start? Commercial Real Estate Properties Checklist…

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The Benefits of Hiring a Tenant Representative in Maryland

Close up of a tenant representative and client brainstorming notes on a piece of paper with two open laptops in front of them.

Are you a new business looking to lease or buy a commercial space in Maryland? Or maybe you’re an established company that has outgrown your current space and is looking to expand or open a second location. Or perhaps your lease is about to expire and you want to better understand your options. Either way,…

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Using a Maryland Commercial Real Estate Broker for Lease Renewal

Close up of two hands pointing at documents and discussing lease renewal.

Finding the right commercial space in Maryland can make anyone feel like Goldilocks. This location is too expensive. This location is too noisy. But you keep searching and searching until you find a location that is just right. So, when the time inevitably comes when the lease on that “just right” location is set to…

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The Benefits of Working With Healthcare Real Estate Brokers in Maryland

An outside shot of a medical building, like Healthcare Real Estate Brokers would show a client.

Whether you’re a primary care physician, dentist, physical therapist, or other specialty physician in Maryland, your practice needs a space that fits your unique needs. But where do you start? How do you find a commercial space that not only meets all of your physical needs – great location, ample parking, lots of space, the…

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Looking for Dental Real Estate in Maryland? These Tips Can Help!

An example of dental real estate, a picture of a bright white office with grey cabinets, a and green chairs for the patient and dentist.

Are you looking to open a new dental practice? Or maybe you want to expand your existing practice. Either way, you need to ensure you’re purchasing or leasing the right dental real estate in Maryland. After all, choosing the location for your dental practice is a big decision. It’s the first step toward achieving your…

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Finding the Right Medical Real Estate in Maryland

An example of Medical Real Estate, a picture of a waiting room with red cushions, a large white planter box with two green leafy plants, two tables with magazines in the corner, and clean white walls.

Whether you have a new practice looking to lease or buy space or have an established practice looking to expand, finding the right medical real estate can be tough. How do you find the right property? And when you do, how do you negotiate a fair price? Should you buy or lease your medical space? Where do you even begin?

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