Dentist Real Estate Investment Tips

Dentist Real Estate Investment Tips. A dentist holds up an x-ray as an elderly female patient looks on.

Many dentists wonder whether owning their office space or building will help them or hurt them financially,” explains Ken Rubin, CPA, PFS, Dental Economics. After all, commercial real estate is often the second-highest expense for healthcare providers, behind only payroll.

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Do I Need a Dental Real Estate Broker?

Image for Dental Real Estate Broker article: A dental office with an open floor plan, showing five work stations and several dental hygenists wearing pink scrubs assisting patients.

When it comes to the future of your dental practice, cutting corners is a big no-no. So, whether you’re looking for a location to start a new practice, you’re interested in expanding or relocating your current practice, or you need some negotiating power for your impending lease renewal, you know you should work with a…

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Looking for Dental Real Estate in Maryland? These Tips Can Help!

An example of dental real estate, a picture of a bright white office with grey cabinets, a and green chairs for the patient and dentist.

Are you looking to open a new dental practice? Or maybe you want to expand your existing practice. Either way, you need to ensure you’re purchasing or leasing the right dental real estate in Maryland. After all, choosing the location for your dental practice is a big decision. It’s the first step toward achieving your…

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