Investment Strategy: Why You Need a Retail Real Estate Broker in 2022

Retail Real Estate Broker - An overhead shot of a clothing store. One woman browsing the dress rack, while another walks toward the door.

Commercial real estate is an appealing venture for many investors, with high returns on investment (ROI), numerous tax breaks, and a high potential for growth. “Despite apparent gains, the insolvency rates for retail companies have accelerated at a rapid pace,” says Jeffrey Bartel, Forbes Finance Council. So, it’s important for investors to partner with an experienced Retail Real Estate Broker to minimize risk (there is never zero risk when investing) and maximize profitability. 

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What is a Sublease?

What is a Sublease? A hand holding a pen prepared to sign a sublease agreement. A pair of glasses and a smart phone sit on top of the document.

Real estate terms you think you know, like sublease, tend to have more nuance than the average renter is aware. “Of all the rental terms out there, subleasing might be the most confusing,” says Teresa K. Traverse, So, what is a Sublease? How does it work? And when is it beneficial for the renter?

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Medical Office Real Estate is a Niche Market

Medical Office Real Estate blog image - a beautiful new brick medical office building.

For a brand new medical practice just starting out, or an established practice looking to expand, finding the right location is paramount. And there are plenty of options. In fact, there are four primary types of Medical Office Real Estate. Retail space offers visibility and ample parking, but can be on the more expensive side.…

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